When Should You Service Your AC?

Just like your car needs service, your air-conditioner also needs regular cleaning and maintenance jobs. For AC repair services in Colorado, you need to hire an experienced technician that has good knowledge of the type, make, and brand of AC you are using.

It is better to clean your AC at least once a year that is before the start of the season. Everest Mechanical can send one of its senior technicians to your home for servicing your AC.

The technician will do the following jobs:

  1. Cleaning fans and coils

A clean interior with a spotless fan, case, and coils is essential for cool air. The technician will clean the machine thoroughly to remove the debris deposited over time and the bacteria that could have germinated in the dust. He will balance the fan so that it works uninterruptedly. But there are more AC repair services included in the cleaning job.

  1. Checking refrigerant, airflow, and leaks

The technician will check the refrigerant and fill it if it is below the normal level. Similarly, he will check the blower components and look for leaks and corrosion that the machine could have undergone over time. Electrical fittings like the thermostat and power lines will also be checked and fixed during service.

You need AC service if you notice any of the following:

  1. Warm air or inconsistent airflow

If your AC is giving warm air, struggling to blow air, or you notice leaks in refrigerant, you should immediately call Everest Mechanical for AC repair services Arvada as these are the signs that your AC has developed a problem that should be located and fixed at earliest.

  1. Strange Noise

An AC produces strange noises when its compressor starts decaying but it is only a pro that can check whether the noises are from the compressor or any other part. If you hear strange sounds coming from your AC, you should get it checked by a pro.

What can you do to keep your AC working well?

The first thing is to get timely AC repair services in which you can get your AC thoroughly checked by a pro that will also fix the problems found during regular service. And the second thing is to keep it clean. For example, you can clean and replace the filter every 3 months or earlier depending on its uses and condition.

Keep your AC running close to the outside temperature as it will keep it free from the pressure. Also, it will help lower your electricity bill. The next important thing to do is to monitor the performance of your AC and call your technician the moment you find strange things happening like warm air blowing out and unfamiliar sounds coming.

The last and the most important thing is to join hands with a leading company like Everest Mechanical that is known for providing satisfactory AC repair services in Arvada, Estes Park, Longmont, Boulder, Denver, Fort Collins, and nearby areas in Colorado. Everest Mechanical has an advantage in that it is 24*7 working. You can call us any time for any help regarding your AC.

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