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Call Everest Mechanical for all your Drain and Sewer Problems

Everest Mechanical understands the pain of struggling with a clogged sewer. For this reason, we provide comprehensive drain cleaning services in Boulder. Starting from inspecting drain lines for faults to fixing common issues ranging from routine drain maintenance to using high-pressure jetting, we will do whatever is required to open your drain pipes and keep them flowing.

Routine Inspection

Everest Mechanical is happy to conduct routine inspections of drain and sewer lines. We carry out inspections with the best tools available. We only send trained and licensed technicians for inspections so you can rest assured that they won’t miss any faults or issues in your drain line.

Drain Opening and Cleaning

Everest Mechanical is the leading name in drain cleaning services in Boulder and there are reasons for that. We have the technical knowledge, the team and the tools needed to open even the most stubborn clogs of grease or other solid items without causing any damage to a drain line. We employ high-pressure jetting and hot water jetting to generate the thrust needed to push obstacles towards the exit point of your drain pipes.

Everest Mechanical suggests you take care of garbage disposal installations so as to prevent remnants like food particles from entering the drain lines. If you want, we can install your garbage disposal unit in the right manner so that it filters the water coming from the sink and collect garbage before the water is allowed to enter the drain pipes.

Emergency Drain Cleaning

Everest Mechanical is here to help with emergency drain cleaning services in Boulder if you get your sewer line clogged and you have water overflowing from your drain. It is a situation where there is little time to ask questions about the what, when and why of clogged drains as the first priority is to get your drain unclogged and flowing again. This is something we as drain cleaning experts can more than help you with.

Everest Mechanical is set up to take your emergency calls and extend help quickly in times of distress. Our emergency team dispatches quickly and saves you time. We will usually always carry the necessary equipment and tools needed for opening clogged drains and sewers. Our team leaves only when the clog is opened and the water can be seen flowing freely.

Call for service

Call Everest Mechanical for drain cleaning services in Boulder any time and get quick service at an affordable price. With Everest Mechanical, you don’t have to try and unreliable DIY methods to open your drain.

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