Common Air Conditioner Problems and Their Solutions

Every time you turn on your AC, it gives cool air but the quality of the air could decrease if you turn a blind eye to air conditioner repair. First, you should change the air filter of your AC every three months. And second is to keep the thermostat to a cool setting. Here’re some […]

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Four Common Problems You Can Encounter With Your AC

It is difficult to even think of living without air-conditioning during hot summer days. It is time to check the functioning of your AC and call an expert for ac repair service, you find a problem with the machine.  Here’re 4 common AC problems 1. AC Blowing Hot Air It could be due to the […]

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Some Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Solutions

Air conditioner maintenance starts with cleaning the filters. It is a necessary job as dirty filters can suffocate the machine. And the good thing is that you can clean or change your AC filters on your own. Or a technician will check the filters at every service. Do you service your Air Conditioner on time? […]

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When Should You Service Your AC?

Just like your car needs service, your air-conditioner also needs regular cleaning and maintenance jobs. For AC repair services in Colorado, you need to hire an experienced technician that has good knowledge of the type, make, and brand of AC you are using. It is better to clean your AC at least once a year […]

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What Is The Right Way Of Using a Thermostat?

You control your air-conditioner with a thermostat device. It is what allows you to communicate with your AC. You let your machine know the temperature you need in your home with this device. Thermostats come in different variants but knowing how these devices work is more important. Proper understanding of the functioning of this device […]

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How Is Air-Conditioning Related To Healthy Life?

Air conditioning is needed to beat the summer heat it can adversely affect your health if you are unaware of the need for AC repair and maintenance services. Let’s see how timely service of your AC can keep you healthy 1. Stay Healthy You breathe the air you get from your AC and if it […]

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Dry Cough? It Could Be Cold Air

During the current panic over airborne viruses and bacteria, it is understandable that a simple cough can seem more bothersome than ever. However, many people suffer from dry coughs for a variety of reasons.This article will go over a few of the causes of a dry cough as well as a few things that we […]

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What To Expect From Your Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical

When you call for a Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical, you can expect a friendly greeting and top of the line customer service. In this article we will like to give you a glimpse into what a Plumbing and HVAC service appointment can look like with us.  Schedule a Plumbing and HVAC Service Appointment When […]

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