What To Expect From Your Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical

When you call for a Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical, you can expect a friendly greeting and top of the line customer service. In this article we will like to give you a glimpse into what a Plumbing and HVAC service appointment can look like with us. 

Schedule a Plumbing and HVAC Service Appointment

When you call Everest Mechanical team, you can expect to speak to an actual employee. We can get an experienced and professional technician out to you fast. We will try to get as much information as we can on the phone. So, when our technicians arrive, they are prepared to get to work fast and with all the right tools – which saves you money! 

Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical

Diagnose the Issue

Let’s face it, not all plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems are the same. We take the time to listen to the problems you are having or have had. We thoroughly asses where and why the issue is occurring.

Repair or Replace

Once we have located the issue (or issues), we will present you with several options and recommendations. Repairing may not be the best answer for a 15 year old system. And replacing may not be the best solution if you are planning on moving. That is why we discuss all options with you first. We collaborate to decide what is best for you, your home and your budget. We even provide financing options for you with $0 down and 0% interest to get the job done.

Service Appointment with Everest Mechanical
Repair or Replace

Follow Up & Walk through

Finally, we always make sure to follow up with our customers. We ensure that our experienced team performed well and has solved your problem. If we install a brand new system, we always show our customers how to operate the system. We can assist you how to be more efficient with your systems to help save you money in the long run. 

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Last but certainly not least, our team recommends scheduling regular maintenance appointments. Once in the spring time for your draining system and AC unit and once in the fall for your heating unit etc. We offer special maintenance plans to help you save money. See more information about our contracts here.

A regular check up ensures that your systems are working the way they should. It also helps to prevent future breakdowns and costly repairs. Our technicians can spot any issues before they become too big to fix. 

If you are interested in learning more about our Plumbing, HVAC and Refrigerations services here at Everest Mechanical, give us a call today! 

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