10 common misconceptions about HVAC systems

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems that run-in homes and office buildings are of utmost importance. Properly designed and maintained HVAC systems help in controlling the temperature, humidity and indoor air quality. There are a lot of misconceptions about the installation of HVAC systems. We are going to discuss some of the most common air conditioning and heating myths to help keep your ventilation systems in good working order.

Listed are the 10 most common misconceptions about HVAC systems –

1) Misconception: Skipping regular air filter changes

Fact: Over time, dust particles and moisture block air filters making it harder for the ventilation system to circulate air. Clogged HVAC air filters can cause serious mechanical issues in your air conditioning and heating pump – resulting in damage, inefficient operation and possible early failure.

2) Misconception: All air filters are easily changed

Fact: Filters attached to your home heating systems cannot be easily changed. Doing this incorrectly can cause serious damage. Calling for professional help in such instances is prudent. It is always practicable to let experts handle any sort of repair or maintenance issues on such expensive and sensitive systems.

3) Misconception: No need for professional help

Fact: Just the way we need a doctor for regular checkups to ensure everything is fine, the same applies to your air conditioning and heating systems. There are certain parts of your HVAC system that need professional expertise. Further, not keeping up with regular maintenance, could lead to an expensive heating or air conditioner repair job sooner rather than later.

4) Misconception: HVAC maintenance and repair are a waste of money

Fact: Isn’t it nice if you catch problems while they are still small? Routine maintenance of your home heating systems acts as an investment; it allows inconsequential problems to be identified soon so that they can be repaired before the major crises.

5) Misconception: Home heating systems cost too much

Fact: Properly designed and maintained HVAC system help keep repair work limited. Regular maintenance and professional help also contribute in avoiding repairs and the high dollar tags that go with them.

6) Misconception: Turning your system off will reduce energy consumption

Fact: While we are all in a habit of switching off lights and appliances to reduce energy consumption, the same functionality does not apply to your home heating systems. By continually turning your system on and off you consume larger amounts of energy. As such, it is advisable not to switch your systems off and on numerous times you are better of lowering the temperature a few degrees during times you are not using the systems but ensuring that it is left on.

7) Misconception: bigger, the better

Fact: We often misinterpret that bigger is always be better. Unfortunately, for heatingventilation and air conditioning systems, a bigger unit isn’t always better. It’s best to get an HVAC professional to provide you with the optimal solution for your space.

8) Misconception: Closing vents increase energy efficiency

Fact: This is one of the most common misconceptions about the installation and use of HVAC systems -the closing of vents increases energy efficiency. This is incorrect, the closing of ducts in fact increases the air pressure in the ducts which can cause damage to the system and actually reduce efficiency.

9) Misconception: Thermostat location doesn’t matter

Fact: If you think your thermostats location doesn’t matter, then you are incorrect. Thermostats should not be located with exposure to sun, near a vent, behind furniture, appliances etc – doing so will have the effect of cutting out your systems too early due to inaccurate temperature readings.

10) Misconception: Air conditioning and heating systems should be covered in winters

Fact: It is incorrect to think that keeping your AC units covered in winters will not cause problems. Covering your unit can potentially seal moisture and speed up corrosion. Your AC units are made to withstand temperature fluctuations so having them exposed and uncovered is not an issue.

With the awareness of these misconceptions, you are now on your way to having a more efficient, effective and longer lasting HVAC system. Regular, properly done checkups and maintenance are critical.  Doing this will boost your home heating system, ensuring longevity and provide comfort to your family. To ensure your system is working optimally email us  on info@everestmechanical.com or call us at 888 388 0970 for professional advice.  At Everest we are here for you.

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