Some Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Solutions

Air conditioner maintenance starts with cleaning the filters. It is a necessary job as dirty filters can suffocate the machine. And the good thing is that you can clean or change your AC filters on your own. Or a technician will check the filters at every service.

Do you service your Air Conditioner on time?

Let’s discuss the important factors of AC service


It is a small non-electric and non-mechanical but very important part of an AC machine. It filters dirt and grime from the air traveling inside your home and becomes dirty over time. But it can be washed to remove the dir. Or you can simply change the filter.

Some common air conditioner problems like dirt depositing on evaporator coil leading to the reduced heat-absorbing capacity of the coil, are due to dirty filters. But a clean filter can keep the coil safe and reduce your energy bill as well.

Evaporator Coils

A clean filter can reduce the amount of dirt depositing on evaporator coils, but the dirt keeps depositing on the coils slowly. The dirt sits over the coils and over time makes a thin film over time. This thin film works like an insulator leading to the reduced capacity of heat absorption by the coils and it directly impacts the functionality of the machine.

Check whether the evaporator coils of your AC have become dusty. If yes, clean them thoroughly. The good thing is that cleaning the coils is covered in regular air conditioner maintenance. In outdoor units, you can set your outdoor unit in a clean environment so it doesn’t get soiled.

Coil Fins

Buy a “fin comb” for fins situated on coils. These fins could easily get bent and block the airflow through the coil. But you can bring them in their original shape with a comb.

Condenser Drains

A clogged drain channel could reduce the de-humidifying power of an AC resulting in the collection of excess moisture on the walls, carpet, or moldings. Clean the condenser drain by passing a tough wire through it and save your AC from common air conditioner problems.

Preparing For Winters

Cover your AC or remove it before the winters arrive to keep it safe from the dirt and debris that can collect in the machine during the winter season. Take this precaution to keep your AC in good health for the summer season that will start after the winter.

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