Never Allow Your Plumbing Problems Hijack Your Holiday Plans

Winter is the best time to dine at home with family and friends. If you are good at cooking, you can show your cooking skills during home gatherings and parties. But you should also be ready for the cleaning job once the party is over.

Let’s talk about the hidden side of the cooking job

First, you need to prepare raw food items for cooking and it involves peeling vegetables and cutting them into small size edible pieces. The preparation work will leave you with lots of leftover food items that you can collect and pack into the dustbin. 

Second, you should be careful while cleaning the utensils after cooking food. Also, similar caution should be practiced while taking plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, and forks for cleaning. Remnants of food items on plates etc. must be removed before they are put in the sink for washing. 

Your home plumbing system is designed to handle the volume of the waste left by the full gathering of your extended family. And if you aren’t cautious about preventing the food from going down the drain, you will soon find yourself dealing with a severe clog in your drain.

At Everest Mechanical, we receive many calls for emergency plumbing services during the holiday season. Luckily our team is efficient enough to attend even multiple calls in a day. But we advise you to practice caution while dealing with kitchen waste.

Learn Effective Waste Management

Start with collecting solid waste in a container. Also, you can separate compostable particles from non-compostable things by using different containers. Collect solid pieces first and then wipe off the oil stuck on the utensils with tissue papers and throw those papers in the dustbin. It will reduce the amount of waste that could go down the drain.

Efficient Garbage Disposal System

Never test the strength of your garbage disposal system as it has its limitations and if tested beyond its strength, it could break down and allow the solid waste to go down the drain. Prevent jamming the garbage disposal system.

Look For These System Busting Foods

You should know which food items shouldn’t be allowed to enter the garbage disposal system as they can jam the entire drainage system of your home.

  • Egg membrane
  • Oil, fat, and grease
  • The skin of vegetables and fruits
  • Bones, shells, pits, and seeds
  • Stringy vegetables
  • Rice, pasta, or tea leaves

Take preventive action

The best way to keep your drainage system working during the holiday season is to get it examined and cleaned by a professional plumber. Everest Mechanical does this job for its loyal customers every year before the start of the holiday season. We have the tools and talent needed to carry out a complete inspection of a drainage system.

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