Keep Both Your Home and Electricity Consumption Cool During Summer

You need a fully functional air-conditioner if not a new one to prevent your family from the harmful effects of summer heat on their health. The good thing is that you can keep a new air-conditioner working for a long time with the help of AC services.

When it comes to using an air-conditioner, you need to work on two fronts. The first is the functioning of the AC, and the second is its efficiency.

Functionality Check

Depending on the uses of your air-conditioner, you should schedule at least one maintenance a year. And spring is the right time for annual AC maintenance because technicians are most available during this time. 

Check the air filter of your air-conditioner. It could be clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and dust particles. It is better to change it if it can’t be cleaned or it has been cleaned several times before. The good thing is that air filter cleaning is covered in AC repair services.

A clean air filter can reduce the energy consumption of your AC by 15%. But it isn’t the only thing to check in an AC before the machine is started. You need to check its drain pipe that removes moisture. An experienced technician will inspect your AC and prepare it for the summer months.

But you need not depend on AC services to remove obstructions around the outdoor condenser unit of your AC. Make it a habit to keep checking the condenser unit to keep it free from foliage.

Efficiency Check

Use a smart thermostat that can automate temperature adjustments. It would maximize indoor comfort without increasing your energy bill. A 15% of savings in cooling could save you up to $145 a year in electricity bills.

Simply set the temperature to a comfortable level and turn on the ceiling fans to circulate the air wall to ceiling and one corner to another. You can even raise the thermostat setting a little bit. With these tips and timely AC services, you will be able to make the most of your air-conditioner.

Use energy-efficient windows only and prevent warm air from entering your room by closing all gaps. Try these simple and effective tips to keep your air-conditioner working without any pressure. You will feel improvement in comfort and efficiency of your air-conditioner. Cooling will enhance but the energy consumption would reduce.

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