Four Common Problems You Can Encounter With Your AC

It is difficult to even think of living without air-conditioning during hot summer days. It is time to check the functioning of your AC and call an expert for ac repair service, you find a problem with the machine. 

Here’re 4 common AC problems

1. AC Blowing Hot Air

It could be due to the wrong thermostat setting on hot air. Or it could be due to clogged air filters. Clean the AC filter to allow cool air to pass through. If it isn’t for thermostat setting or dirty filter, then it could be due to frozen evaporator coils or low refrigerant. While you can de-freeze the evaporate coils by keeping the AC close for several hours, it is better to call an expert as it could be an indication of a bigger underlying problem.

2. AC Not Cooling

First, check the electric supply to make sure that the AC machine is getting the proper power supply. The second thing to check is the thermostat setting and turning it to cool air. The third thing is to see the condenser and clean it if it is clogged. Similarly, dirty filters should be cleaned. But if the problem is due to a refrigerant leak or leaky ducts, you will need to call an expert for air conditioner repair

3. AC Leaks Water

It is a serious problem that requires a thorough inspection and quick fixing of the leaks. It could happen due to a leak in the clogged condensation drain line or the drain pipe could be damaged. And there is nothing you can do on your own. It is a problem within the system and it is only a professional AC technician that can locate and fix the fault before it causes any major issue. 

4. AC Freezes Up

Simply leave your AC unused for 12 hours to allow the ice to thaw and start using it normally. If the problem starts again, you can call a technician for ac repair service. Poor airflow due to dirty filters could be the reason. Or it could be due to the damaged blower motor. Low levels of refrigerant could also freeze your AC.  

Final Thoughts

Some common AC problems could be solved by simply changing the thermostat setting or cleaning filters and condensation coils. But it is always better to get your AC inspected by a professional who can check all its mechanical parts and electric connections and fix the faults.   

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