Common Air Conditioner Problems and Their Solutions

Every time you turn on your AC, it gives cool air but the quality of the air could decrease if you turn a blind eye to air conditioner repair. First, you should change the air filter of your AC every three months. And second is to keep the thermostat to a cool setting.

common air conditioner problems
Some Common Air Conditioner Problems And Their Solutions

Here’re some common AC problems 

1. Hot Air

An air conditioner blows hot air when it has a mechanical problem. It could be due to frozen evaporator coils that start the cooling process by pulling heat from your home. Condensation collected in the process could get frozen resulting in frozen coils that can’t transfer heat leading to the blowing of hot air from the machine. Low refrigerant is another reason for this problem.

2. Water Leak

Natural condensation created in the cooling process is drained out of the home through a drain line. But it could get blocked by an accumulation of dirt, dust, and debris and result in a leak. Check whether the drain line of your AC is blocked to prevent it from leading. Another reason for water leak is damaged drain pain. You will need AC repair service to fix this problem.

3. Frozen Air Conditioner

If your AC freezes even in hot summer, you should allow it some time to melt the ice so you can check what is causing the condensation to freeze in the machine. Most likely it could be due to poor airflow from a dirty air filter. Or it could be due to a damaged blower motor. It is this motor that pushes air over the coils to keep the coils at good temperatures. But the coils get freeze in the absence of air. A low level of refrigerant is also a reason for this problem.

4. Improper Cooling

It isn’t due to a dirty air filter and wrong thermostat setting then it could be due to a leak in ducts or in the refrigerant. Or it could be an indication of a bigger problem with the compressor. It could be damaged or broken. It is time to call a professional for air conditioner repair as there is little you can do to solve the problem. 

Keep an eye on the functioning of your AC to know whether it needs repair. Also, get it serviced on time to avoid emergency repairs like hot air blowing, water leaks, frozen AC, and improper cooling. 

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