Dry Cough? It Could Be Cold Air

During the current panic over airborne viruses and bacteria, it is understandable that a simple cough can seem more bothersome than ever. However, many people suffer from dry coughs for a variety of reasons.This article will go over a few of the causes of a dry cough as well as a few things that we change. For example air filter replacement, that may improve its symptoms.

There are a few things you can take into consideration within the home that may explain the persistence of a dry cough even when the person is not sick.

What Causes Coughing?

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Coughing is simply your body’s reaction to discomfort in your throat. If your throat feels prickly or dry your body will cause you to cough in an attempt to wet your throat.

If the air is too cold it will dry out the air passageways, making coughing more frequent and persistent. The lungs have an automatic reaction when cold, dry air hits them, and then tense up.

When the airways and lungs tense up it is common for coughing to be the reaction. The worst part of the cold air making you cough is how it dries out your throat with each breath.

Check Your Home Temperature

If you have the AC unit turned up too high at home, it could be irritating your throat and making you cough. One of the first things you can evaluate is the temperature of the thermostat.

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recommended summer temperature is 68

Experts recommend that in the summer you keep the temperature on 78 and in the winter on 68. Setting the thermostat properly will keep the rooms comfortable without sacrificing your throat.

Turning the temperature up a little bit in the summer and down a little bit in the winter will save on your energy bill and keep large gusts of AC from drying out your airways.

Try Using a Humidifier

For people who suffer from chronic dry coughs, the addition of a humidifier in the home may provide some relief. Breathing in humid air will dampen the throat and prevent the dry itchiness and scratchiness that causes coughing.

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There are lots of affordable humidifiers on the market and some even light up or have aromatherapy settings. For a lot of people, a humidifier is exactly what they need. It can provide relief from dry cough symptoms.

If you are suffering from a cough, but you’re not sick, you should look at the air quality around you. There may be simple ways that you can improve how you breathe.

More often than not, you can easily stop or ease coughing with a simple air filter replacement. However, if you have a chronic cough or other respiratory issues, investing in a larger-scale filtration method can help!

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